Savitri Choudhury



Bangalore, India


A print and broadcast journalist with three decades of experience Savitri has covered stories across South Asia for leading print, radio and television networks. A graduate of the Times School of Journalism Savitri began her career with the Times of India, New Delhi in 1988 before staring her radio and television career as a correspondent at the South Asia Bureau of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.  She also worked for the Agance France Presse and Outlook Magazine as their correspondent in Hyderabad for five years from 2000. After moving to Bombay in 2005 and subsequently to Bangalore Savitri has been working as a freelance television producer. She has worked on several award-winning documentaries with leading international broadcasters including Al Jazeera and the ABC.

Mission statement:
I have built a network of personal and professional connections across the India and particularly the Northeast of India and believe it could help Dr Lopamudra Das Roy as she expands the footprint of Breast Cancer Hub. What the Foundation hopes to achieve is tremendous and it’s a privilege to be a port of this inspirational project.    

Region: India