Mimi Bhaduri


Founder, BIGLEAF

Brisbane, Australia


I am a video editor by profession but have taken a pause from that for sometime now. I have moved a lot with my family, changing homes from one continent to another due to my husband’s profession and hence a full time traditional job was not possible. I did go for some free-lancing but after losing my first born during child birth, I decided to dedicate my time with my second born child, my son , who is 10 years old now. Recently I have started a company called BIGLEAF , which is still in its baby year. BIGLEAF is all about versatile designs and bags and accessories made with natural fiber. Unique handcrafted goods are also another key feature of BIGLEAF. Currently establishing BIGLEAF doesn’t allow me a lot of free time to explore my hobbies. But I do have interest in writing and painting and I love reading books.  I love travelling and discovering new places, which also contributes in my business.

Mission statement:
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be the part of this cause. Breast cancer is a terrible disease and I have seen two of my mother’s sisters fighting the disease. Thankfully both are fighters and survivors. Unfortunately, one of my very good friend’s mom couldn’t survive the disease. I am a bit fearful when I hear these experiences and would like to keep myself and my family members aware and safe from this dreadful disease. I would like to help spread the word to everyone I know to protect their health.

Email: mimibhaduri@gmail.com
Regions: India, currently based in Australia