Deepanwita Bagchi


Juniper Networks, IT Project Manager – Staff

Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Deepanwita holds a BE degree in Computer Science and Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Silchar, Assam, India and an MS in Technology Project Management from University of Houston, TX, USA. She lived in the US with her family for 13 years before returning to India in 2013. Deepanwita worked for various corporations like GE Plastics (thru TCS), Yahoo! Inc., Cooper industries (now called Eaton) and Juniper Networks both in the US as well as India.  She now calls Bangalore her home for the past 5 years and lives here with her family consisting of her husband and two wonderful boys (9yrs and 1 yr). Deepanwita loves to dance, play badminton, take care of her garden and cook for her family during her spare time. She is passionate about women’s issues and strives to volunteer for non-profit organizations catering to this cause.

Mission statement:
Cancer is a killer that has now penetrated almost every household. Having lost my grandfather (throat cancer) and father-in-law(bladder cancer) to this disease and having seen my mother-in-law(pancreatic cancer), an aunt (breast cancer) and couple of kids of our very close friends (both ALS), put up their bravest fight against this killer, I realized that I cannot be feeling hapless about the situation, rather should do something about it. Creating awareness about this killer is one way to achieve that. I would be glad to be a part of BCH and contribute in whatever little way I can by spreading awareness on breast health and its issues therewith.

Twitter: @deepanwitab
Regions: Karnataka, West Bengal - India