Amrita Borooah


Charlotte, NC, USA


Hi, I’m Lopa’s friend. Like her, I grew up in Guwahati in the eastern Indian state of Assam with a large family around me. I earned an under graduate degree in the arts from Miranda House Delhi University. With a master’s in hospital administration from ASCI, Hyderabad, I worked in hospital administration in both established hospitals and intense startup environments in India. I now live in Charlotte, NC with my husband and two kids - an eight year old son going on thirteen and his month old baby sister that he is training for an early start on Minecraft! Once upon a time growing up, I was a passionate (and I’m told accomplished) classical Indian dancer having gone through some serious training. These days at times, I find myself wistfully and unsuccessfully tracing my steps back towards it while juggling my intense ‘soccer momish’ lifestyle! 

So, why would someone like me want to help Lopa and how am I trying to contribute? Being an Indian and a women with growing children, I find Lopa’s cause of creating a breast cancer awareness hub in developing countries very meaningful to me personally. I have seen first hand what it does to women. Having worked in hospitals, I have felt their pain and what they go through. And I know how so much of this can be easily prevented by ourselves with some very basic awareness. I strongly believe in both the power of one and the transformative power of networks. I’m making sure I walk the talk following the basics myself and spreading the basic awareness with my friends and family. And I’m helping Lopa expand her network in India - connecting her with key influencers and hospitals in India who can help enable her mission!

Country of origin: Assam, India
Regions: India, USA