Dr. Jessy J Rozario

Jessy RozARIO.jpeg

Medical Officer, The Salvation Army UHDP Clinic 

Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Currently I am working in the position of Medical Officer of The Salvation Army UHDP clinic, Dhaka where I deal with the patients who are suffering from communicable diseases such as Tuberculosis, leprosy and other general health related complications. Most of the patients are very poor and neglected people of our society who are treated by me in free of cost.

My responsibility not only treat theose people but also ensure the health care system and other general health supports with basic facilities for their families and incomes, with the collaboration of our community development program,I have trained my volunteers and self help group to to work for a sustainable development of our society. 

My ultimate possession is to establish human rights, legal supports, awareness of health problems,training for proper management of health conditions, ensuring health care supports from government and vocational supports to disable people .

I also want to establish an international network to achieve more experience in the field of health problems with supportive measures which I can implement for a sustainable development of my country.