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Interview with Dr. Chethana Thirthahalli: Interesting facts about Breast Cancer in India

 Interview with Dr. Ravi Kannan on Breast Cancer scenario in Assam, India

Interview with Dr. Sarbani Giri speaks about the facts associated with Breast Cancer stigma in India


Interview with Dr. Sarmistha Bhattacharya, speaks about the realities on Breast Cancer in India

Interview with Nandini Gogoi Dutta in Assamese, summarized in English, about Breast Cancer in India

Interview with Dipali Saikia in Assamese, summarized in English, about Breast Cancer in India

Everybody knows if you catch breast cancer early you can beat it. The question is what is early? Nobody knows your body like you do. A monthly breast exam will ensure you catch it “early” then don’t ignore what you feel. Get to the doctor immediately! Set a reminder on your phone that repeats monthly. It was almost too late for me. I speak now for the women who were not “early” detectors.
Evey Cormican, Aurora, CO, USA
Very proud of Lopa, who is also family to me for taking up this great responsibility with utmost passion. All the very best at every step!!!
Archana Mohanty, SFO, CA, USA
This is a great venture towards awareness and research addressing both male and female breast cancer.
Kumardeep Das, Bangalore, India
Lopamudra Das Roy’s vision is taking preventive measures of breast cancer to a whole new level.
Indrani Nayar Gall, Charlotte, NC, USA
I’m so proud to be joining this foundation with Dr. Lopa Das Roy and be given the opportunity to support her vision and efforts to expose and educate women and men around the globe about breast cancer. My mom is a breast cancer survivor and it was her awareness to breast cancer and detecting early signs that ultimately saved her life. What Dr. Das Roy is doing is truly remarkable. I have the pleasure of knowing Dr. Das Roy as she is one of my classmates at Northwestern Kellogg School of Business and am honored to be joining her foundation.
Nicole Vorkapic, Louisiana, USA
She has a dream, vision, passion and a very simple goal and that is......to save as many lives as possible across the globe via early detection, awareness, education and research of breast cancer in women and men. In addition, there are few fundamental challenges that we need to solve in healthcare, society, consciousness and our thought process with your help, help from friends, family, healthcare providers, advocates and breast cancer patients. That is all about Breast Cancer Hub and its Founder, Dr Lopamudra Das Roy. She is a a Breast Cancer Scientist with major accolades and accomplishments in career but did quit her career while pursuing her Executive MBA from Kellogg Business School at Northwestern University and started this new chapter to follow her dream, make a real difference and drive results. Please come and join us to drive this transformation and support the cause.
Sandeep Roy, Charlotte, NC, USA
Very picturesque and easy to understand by a layman person. Very informative session.
Shobha Niranjan, Bengaluru, India
You are helping the society create awareness, helping to break the stigma. Great job and wish you all the best in your research. We will help you in whatever means we can.
K.C.N. Reddy, Bengaluru, India
I like the idea that you are working on concept which is so close to your heart. The BSE card is handy, easy reckoner and I think it is first of its kind to have covered both male and female BSE together.
Dr. Chethana. T., Medical officer, Indian cancer society, Bengaluru, India
It has been an eye opener to discuss with Dr. Lopa about Female and Male Breast Cancer facts. First time I came to know that even men can have Breast Cancer. Looking forward to work with her to spread the awareness in India and share her research knowledge with clinical practitioners in India. Keep up with the great work! We will support you in whatever means we can. Good luck!
Devarajan. MK. Vocational senior director, Rotary club of Koramangala, Bengaluru, India
After my conversation with Dr. Lopamudra Das Roy who is engaged with the research with Breast Cancer, my overall impression is that what she has been doing will play a tremendous influence and success over the Indian society. She has been doing a very sensitive, important and good job for the society, and it will come into existence when we, the people will be sensitive and support the cause. Great work!
Dr. Bimal Ch. Das, Associate Professor, Guwahati College, Guwahati, India
It’s really a applaudable move by Dr. Lopamudra. So touched meeting her at my place today. She has shown her concern towards humanity. Feeling proud to say that she hails from my place. A big salute to her, hope her dreams come true.
Purajit Mahanta, Amguri, Assam, India
Excellent work done Madam. I was a trainee of Summer Training Camp on Palliative Care at Dr. B. Borooah Cancer Institute, Guwahati. I was highly benefitted from your presentation on Breast Cancer. Thank you. God bless you.
Rajib Das, Barama, Baksa, Assam, India
We, the people of Silchar, are proud of you Dr. Lopamudra Das Roy. Salute for your sacrifice. All the best for your mission.
Dr. Shirtaz Laskar, Silchar, Assam, India
Amazing cause and speechless effort of Lopa , so proud of you . I am so proud to be a part of this great cause. Thank you!
Richa Khandelwal, Chicago, USA
Dedication and passion can reach impossible heights – BCH!
Dr. Sarmistha Bhattacharjee, Assam, India
Early detection of cancer is most important part to fight this ever-increasing disease. I wholeheartedly support this drive and appreciate the founder of this website who is relentlessly trying to help us all for early detection and live longer.
Kaberi Puspala, Charlotte, NC, USA

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