Sangeeta Das


Bangalore, India


Sangeeta Das is a vocalist of a Bangalore based jazz, rock and pop band called the Midnight Poppies.

She has over five years of experience in Print Journalism as a features writer and copy editor who has worked with organizations such as The Times of India and Eastern Chronicle, Guwahati. Her academic qualifications include a Bachelors Degree in Sociology from Miranda House, Delhi University and Print Journalism Diploma from New Delhi YMCA. Other than working towards a wholesome upbringing for her child, Sangeeta’s interests include music, writing and indulging in creative activities as well as admiring art and nature.

Mission statement:
As a believer in the power of humanitarian work, Sangeeta appreciates the mission of Breast Cancer Hub (BCH) to not only conduct research on Breast Cancer but also educate people about the risks of Breast Cancer, spread awareness and knowledge regarding factors like early diagnosis which can go a long way in successfully fighting Breast Cancer and saving lives. Hence, Sangeeta would feel truly fortunate to do everything in her capacity to cooperate in the cause and aim of BCH.

Region: India