Dustin Childers


Global Marketing Manager, Caterpillar

San Antonio, Texas


Dustin Childers is currently North America Marketing Manager for Industrial Power Systems based in San Antonio, Texas.  He leads strategic marketing in support of the North America industrial engine market, distributors and customers.  Prior to joining Caterpillar in 2016, Dustin was responsible for leading the Retails Fuels product line management strategy and brand efforts for the Exxon, Esso and Mobil fuel brands globally.

Dustin has held marketing and strategy leadership positions in oil and gas, environmental services and healthcare industries. Dustin’s philanthropic efforts involve serving on the boards for both local community non-profits as well as industry groups such as the International Association of Drilling Contractors. Currently, Dustin is pursuing an Executive MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management in Chicago.

Mission statement:
Breast Cancer has incredible awareness in most developed countries but do we all really know what that means to our friends and family. My mission is to provide clarity and innovative ideas to not only create a thorough understanding of breast cancer and breast tissue screenings in the developed world, but also help underdeveloped countries start on their journey of awareness, screening and understanding.

Email: Dustincolechilders@gmail.com
Twitter, Instagram: @DCChilders
Region: Texas, USA