Julie Lenore Daugherty


Business Development Leader, multimetco

Chicago, Illinois


Julie is an Inventory Control and Purchasing specialist with over eighteen years of experience in the precious metals refining business. She leads the precious metals inventory team in understanding and reducing our internal inventory while maximizing financial returns at our outside refiners. She has many successes in negotiating contracts achieving the most beneficial and lucrative outcomes for my organization. Julie’s diverse background also includes logistics management, analytics, and financial reconciliation. 

Mission statement:
As a woman who comes from generations of women who have had different forms of cancer, Julie is passionate about early detection and creating more awareness.  She is looking forward to spreading the word and helping to raise money for the BCH foundation to continue Lopamundra’s critical research of breast cancer and outreach programs.

Email: jdaugherty78@gmail.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/julie-daugherty
Region: USA