Benjamin Guerrero

Benjamin Guerrero.jpg

Vice President of Commercial banking Lending Operations, Wells Fargo Bank

Chicago IL, USA


Benjamin Guerrero is passionate about helping the fight against cancer, through education, analytics and funding research. He believes that families in underprivileged regions of the world can benefit from access to information and education. On a personal level, he has been touched by this terrible disease, Benjamin’s grandmother Adelina, cousin Luis Fernando, father-in-law Thomas and friend John lost a courageous fight against cancer.

Over the past 15 years Benjamin has enjoyed developing strong relationships and working with people across the globe. Benjamin has expertise in Finance, Analysis and Strategy with international experience spanning various industries such as, transportation, utilities, advertising, insurance, and banking. Benjamin is looking to bring his passion for the fight against cancer and his expertise to help families across the world through education and information.

Mission Statement:

Breast Cancer Hub seeks to help keep families united around the world by informing and educating them about breast cancer, self-examination and treatment options.

There is a huge opportunity for using data analytics and visualization to help identify trends and acuities towards cancer by developing a worldwide database of research results. With the improvement of digital data availability this could help improve education by tailoring to specific regions based on data analytics results.

Region: Latin America